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Halo Platform Testnet Launched

By Halo Platform on 03/23/2018

An exciting moment in Halo Platform history has arrived! Late Wednesday evening, the Halo Platform team wrapped up fi...

Development Update — 03–16–2018

By Halo Platform on 03/17/2018

Throughout the course of the test cycle, we want to focus testing certain segments. The initial product will allow yo...

Quick Update — 03–14–2018

By Halo Platform on 03/14/2018

It’s been a long week already and we wanted to drop a quick update to the community.Testnet Status

Development Update — 03–09–2018

By Halo Platform on 03/09/2018

This week has been a busy one, largely focused on debugging some very challenging issues with high transaction volume...

Development Update — 03–02–2018

By Halo Platform on 03/02/2018

Our focus for the week has been on stress testing the masternode system. We have put the Platform through numerous ex...

Development Update — 02–23–2017

By Halo Platform on 02/26/2018

It’s been another productive week for the Halo Platform team. Our focus this week, beyond the Geth upgrade, has been ...

Development Update — Testnet & Geth 1.8

By Halo Platform on 02/16/2018

As promised, here is an update on our progress as we march toward platform launch. We will update you on our progress...

The Platform is Delayed

By Halo Platform on 02/13/2018

Late Sunday night and into early Monday morning we broke our test net during a new test scenario. We worked to resolv...

Halo Platform — Launch Date Announced

By Halo Platform on 01/30/2018

Right now we are working on packaging up the executables, verifying MD5 hashes, and uploading to the servers. Then ou...

Block & Chain Game Studios

By Halo Platform on 01/30/2018

Block and Chain Game Studios is the first company holistically dedicated to building blockchain enabled games. Our ai...

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