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Use Halo Platform to effortlessly integrate cryptocurrency into your existing business or launch your own online store.


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Set Up your Halo Platform Storefront in Minutes.
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Create Embeddable Checkout Buttons.
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Send Crypto Back and Forth Fast.

Make and Accept Cryptocurrency Payments in a Snap

Being your own boss has its challenges, but Halo Platform makes running a business easier than ever. Use Halo Platform to accept payments, invoice clients, pay vendors, and more. Payments are sent and received instantly, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your time and money.

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Halo Platform Storefronts Make You the Entrepreneur You’re Meant to Be

Create your own online store on the Halo Marketplace using Halo Platform Storefronts. Storefront users can sell products and services on their own terms, without being weighed down by restrictive pricing or fees.

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