The Halo Masternode System
Masternodes make up the engine that runs the world’s most up-and-coming cryptocurrency platform.


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Frontrunning Invulnerable
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Free Transactions
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Safe, Instant, Anonymous

A one-of-a-kind System with a Generous Rate of Return

The Halo Platform Masternode system is a foundational component of the Halo Platform. It’s a system of our own design that paves the way for the next-generation of cryptocurrency. Every transaction on the Halo Platform runs through our Masternodes, which are designed to be immune to common digital coin trading issues.

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illustration showing a feature of

Fast and Easy Masternode Provisioning

Halo Platform offers secure one-click Masternode setup, making coin minting simple. In fact, platform users can set up Masternodes in just minutes, so running your own node has never been easier.

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