The Halo Platform Team
Halo Platform Development, LLC is a blockchain development company. We are a diverse team of passionate and dedicated humans working together as a team to bring you the most comprehensive crypto-currency platform.

Halo Platform Leadership

picture of Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison


picture of Michael Quale

Michael Quale


picture of Shannon Duncan

Shannon Duncan

VP of Development

picture of Devin Seto

Devin Seto

VP of Operations

Halo Platform Team Members

Halo Core Team

picture of Sean K.

Sean K.

Development Manager

picture of Brandon D.

Brandon D.

Senior Developer

picture of Matthew D.

Matthew D.

Business Development Manager

picture of John L.

John L.

Senior Front End Developer

picture of Jarett W.

Jarett W.

Program Manager

picture of Sarah A.

Sarah A.

Social Media Manager

picture of Todd M.

Todd M.

Compliance Officer

picture of Tristan K.

Tristan K.

Front End Developer

picture of Neo Q.

Neo Q.

Back End Developer

picture of Steven H.

Steven H.


picture of Kelly N.

Kelly N.

Front End Web Developer

Exchange Team

picture of Elena B.

Elena B.

Exchange Developer

picture of Sean V.

Sean V.

Lead Exchange Developer/Quantitative Developer

picture of Ham H.

Ham H.

Exchange Developer

Block and Chain Gaming Team

picture of Harold Perry

Harold Perry

Platform Architect

picture of Ali Buntemeyer

Ali Buntemeyer

Lead Game Designer

picture of Todd Gillissie

Todd Gillissie

Principal Game Developer

picture of Adam Testerman

Adam Testerman

Game Developer

picture of Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen

Game Developer

picture of Mary Ngai

Mary Ngai


picture of Michelle Pope

Michelle Pope


picture of Aya Columbia

Aya Columbia

Game Designer

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